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NICKNAME "Pretty Princess"

Yasmin is one of the four frontrunners of the Bratz pack. Her friends call her " Pretty Princess" because that's just who she is!


Yasmin has light golden tanned skin with brown hair and eyes. She also has a beauty spot under her left eye. Her appearance links in with her Latina heritage. She often wears her hair down and sports soft purple eye shadow and pink lipstick, preferring to keep her look natural to suit her personality.



Sasha, Cloe and Jade.


Yasmin has insane parents who believe that they are native indians and they actually live in a forest like natives from the past! She has a younger sister named Kiki who was adopted but is just as crazy as the other natives. Her parents got triplets recently named Water, Flyboy, and Octopus. She actually lives in a giant native indian clan with a bunch of other crazies. Her dad is the chief so she is a Native indian princess. That's why her friends call her "Native Princess", even though she hates the old native life.


  • Yasmin was introduced in 2001.
  • Yasmin was named after MGA Entertainment president Isaac Larian's daughter, Jasmine
  • Cloe is the leader of the club, but she reeeaaally annoys Yasmin sometimes
  • She is of mixed heritage though she is officially of native indian heritage.
  • Yasmin's signature look is bohemian, choosing organic, down to earth looks as opposed to shiny, glamorous looks.
  • Yasmin is considered to be the sensitive one of the Bratz Gang. She is an advocate for animal rights, believes in fairness to everyone and even shows respect to those that mistreat her.


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