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NICKNAME "Pretty Princess"
Yasmin doll - Basic - 2001

Yasmin is one of the four frontrunners of the Bratz pack. Her friends call her "Pretty Princess" because of how she's just royally pampered and of course pretty!



PASSION Creating Art through Music and Stories
FASHION PASSION Vintage bohemian style with tons of texture and earth tones
LIKES Combing the thrift store racks for vintage dresses and reconstructing them into new and fab pieces, doing yoga or pilates, writing, singing, being on stage, and creating music.
MY FRIENDS SAY I'M I might be quiet off-stage, but I’m a star when I’m in the spotlight!
FAVE COLOR Honey yellow and pink
FAVE FOOD Pasta or anything Italian and Mediterranean
LOVE TO READ Romance novels with fairy-tale endings...I can’t deal with sob stories!
LOVE TO WATCH Chick flicks
SCHOOL SUBJECT Creative writing, music
SHOPPIN' SPLURGES Vintage record albums and vintage dresses! I seriously have waaaay too many of both!
MY PERFECT DAY WOULD BE Getting an early start with journaling over a yummy breakfast, then checking out what’s new at all my fave vintage boutiques and ending the day spinning sounds for my best friends.
MY FAVE PAIR OF SHOES Vintage wedge heels!
MY QUIRKS I'm a shopaholic…I once shopped for 12 hours straight!



Yasmin's closest BFFs are Cloe, Jade, & Sasha.


Dating Ethan he is so cuteEdit


  • Yasmin was introduced in 2001.


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