Bratz #SnowKissed
BW SnowkissedGroup


Fall 2015


Yasmin, Cloe, Jade



The Bratz are dressed up head-to-toe in winter style as they get ready to hit the slopes in each of their favorite gears.

Fashion inspirations

Yasmin bundles up and hits the mountains with her skis - there's something very "zen" about gliding down the slopes freestyle.

Jade snowboarding skills are on another level. She hits the slopes with fearless energy.

Cloe snow activity of choice is sledding - it's like a winter wonderland rollercoaster ride.


Each doll comes with two full outfits, two pairs of shoes, one snow accessory, one pair of mittens, snow goggles, a mug of cocao, a sticker sheet and a brush.


  • Jade has a completly different pattern on her pants in final production.
  • In the Webseries Sasha wears Yasmins second outfit and Raya wears Cloes second outfit. It's possible that they were originally in the collection but were cancelled.
  • The #SnowKissed commercial never aired on American TV. Only in the UK and a few other countries.

Stock Pictures

Snow Lodge Playset

This Playset was only available at Target.

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