Bratz C.I.Y. Shoppe Bratz TV Series
Follow the girls and their animals in their adventures in the C.I.Y. Shoppe.
The Bratz start their own Fashion Magazine to compete with the Your Thing Magazine.

Bratz Design Academy Bratz with Brianna Gage
BW DesignAcademy BW BriannaShow
Inspired by Project Runway, one winner in a fashion competition was able to help design Bratz dolls.
Brianna hosted a Show about fashion featuring several TV and Popstars and vists to hair stylists and designers.

Bratz Rock Bratzillaz
BW RockShow BW BratzillazShow
The Bratz want to join a Music Contest as a band hosted by their idol Whisper.
As the Bratzillaz turned 16, they were sent to a school for witches to learn using their powers.

Other Shows

  • To promote the Bratz in Japan, they made a Stop-Motion Bratz TV Show called "Coooool TV". They also recorded two Singles featuring BoA and Christina Milian to promote the Show and Brand. For some reason no information regarding the Show can be found online.
  • There was a Philippines Show called "Bratz Star 2008" where a number of girls had to show off their talents. The three winners won several prices such as dolls, electronics and a trip to Hong Kong.

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