Bratz #SelfieSnaps
BW SelfieSnapsGroup


Fall 2015 / Spring 2016


Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Raya



The Bratz introduce themselves with their selfie-worthy unique styles. Wave 1 was all about crazy haircolors. In Wave 2 the girls show off their emoji inspired fashion looks.

Fashion inspirations

Yasmin is a modern hippie with a flirty flair which she's representing in her Wave 1 look. Since her favorite emoji is the peace sign, her Wave 1 look is fully inspired by it.

Jade is edgy and fun and inspired by her nickname Kool Kat for her Wave 1 look.

Cloe's Wave 1 look is all sweet soft and he has pink hair as centerpiece. Her Wave 2 look is inspired by happyfaces and hashtags.

Sasha likes to send out with her neon color hair and outfit in her selfies. In Wave 2 she rocks oversized emojis because there's no better way to stand out in the corwd.

Raya's Wave 1 look is inspired by the burger emoji mixed with her quirky and crazy style.


Each doll comes with a full outfit, one pair of shoes, one pair of sunglasses, earrings, a smartphone, two phonecases, a necklace, a bracelet, a bag, a brush, one head accessory (Wave 1 only), a lipstick (Wave 2 only) and a Selfie accessory (Wave 2 only).


  • According to a few online listings, there was suppose to be a Selfie Stick Meygan doll. It's possible that she might be the Meygan shown on the Photobooth.
  • Photobooth Cloe is the same doll as her single variant, but in her second #SelfieSnaps look.
  • Wave 2 is not connected to Wave 1 as the themes of both lines aren't the same.
  • All Wave 2 dolls come with masks from the Photobooth.
  • Jades second appearance remains a secret as it's still not known if she'll be a later add to the collection or of she was cancelled last-minute.

Wave 1 Stock Pictures

Wave 2 Stock Pictures

#SelfieSnaps Photobooth

Selfie Stick Variant

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