Bratz Remix
BW RemixGroup


Spring 2016


Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, Jade



The Bratz love music and this collection is all about their favorite playlists. They love mixing up their everyday fashions by accessorizing with oversized headphones which are inspired by their spirital animals.

Fashion inspirations

Yasmin loves relaxing in her peaceful spot to acoustic covers.

Jade listens to high-energy electro-pop music while hitting the skate park.

Cloe is all about the hottest new tunes on the charts.

Sasha's playlist is filled with dance remixes of hip-hop and pop crossovers.


Each doll comes with a full outfit, one pair of shoes, oversized headphones with detachable ears, a smartphone and a brush.


  • Cloe's and Jade's headphone ear-molds must have been accidentally swapped in production.
  • Sasha's stock picture has a completly different face than the actual doll.
  • No one from the collection has a new shoemold.

Stock Pictures

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