Sun Rayz

Spirital Animal


Raya was introduced in 2007. Her friends call her Sun Rayz because wherever she goes, she makes the sun come out. Raya is a goofball full of energy with more than a few tricks up her sleeves. She loves cracking jokes, doing silly voices, and making her friends laugh.


She has tanned skin with a mix of platinume blonde and darker blonde hair. Her eyecolor is hazel grey.


Motto: Carpe that diem

Spirital Animal: Bumble Bee

Hobbies: Anything retro-rad, like glamping or swing dancing. Moonlight strolls, sunrise hikes, star-gazing, and anything that makes me feel alive

Favorite Color: Cherry red

Fashion Passion: A vintage and retro throwback with a touch of novelty fun


Rayas's closest BFFLs are Jade, Sasha, Cloe and Yasmin.

Other Information

  • Joyful Jokester
  • Rad Retro
  • #WhatsBuzzin
  • She was originally introduced in 2007 with the Magic Hair Salon, which remained to be her only appearance until 2015.
  • Her look remained the same, except the eyecolor which used to be brown. As she never had a personal style, they just went with her being the crazy girl from the group.