Bratz Music Festival Vibes
BW MusicFestivalGroup


Spring 2016


Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Raya



The Bratz visit the star-studded, sold-out, annual Bratz Music Festival. All the girls wear outfits inspired by their favorite music genres.

Fashion inspirations

Yasmin's look is inspired by the 70's in her boho chic outfit for her acoustic show.

Jade needs her high-energy electronic beats and wears an outfit perfect for shuffling.

Cloe loves American country music. She's head-to-to inspired by the American flag and traditional country look.

Sasha is all about hip-hop music and wears the perfect outfit to jam in the first row.

Raya is into Jazz music and wears flare crooner-inspired outfits - all retro.


Each doll comes with two outfits, one pair of shoes, one pair of earrings, a concert bracelet, a smartphone, one exclusive phonecase, sunglasses, a brush, one head accessory (except Cloe) and a bag.


  • Sasha is the only one without new accessories and without a new shoemold.
  • The tent is a new version of the Campfire tent.
  • Each doll comes with a concert bracelet for you.

Stock Pictures

Music Festival Vibes Tent

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