Funky Fashion Monkey

Spirital Animal


Meygan is the first friend that was introduced to the Bratz Pack. Her friends call her Funky Fashion Monkey because even when she hangs, she still looks good. She loves traveling and getting inspired by fashion from all around the world.


She has light skin with either orangy or more more reddish orange hair. Her eyecolor is aqua.


Spirital Animal: Monkey

Hobbies: Traveling around the world to get inspired

Favorite Color: Cinnamon

Favorite Food: Barbequed anything

Favorite School Subject: Yoga

Fashion Passion: I'm all about what's trending... anywhere!

Love to Read: Spy novels

Love to Watch: Animated films


Meygan's closest BFFLs are Jade, Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Dana.

Other Information

  • World Traveler
  1. TravelBug
  • When Meygan was introduced, her style was very dark with brown tones. Over the years she started only wearing very colorful, often pink, outfits.
  • Meygan was introduced in 2002 as the first friend of the Bratz.