Bratz Metallic Madness
BW MetallicMadnessGroup


Fall 2015


Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Raya, Cameron



The Bratz are excited to attend the metallic-themed dance party after a long day at school and the C.I.Y. Shoppe.

Fashion inspirations

Yasmin wears a leopard print purple dress and a silver leather jacket.

Jade is super edgy with her lime green leather jacket and dress sinpired by a tuxedo.

Cloe's style is very sporty with her basic fluffy dress and baseball jacket.

Sasha is the star of the party in her shiny and all gold dress and golden beanie.

Raya wears a shiny pink dress together with e blue fur jacket - she loves dancing in her bee heels.

Cameron is sporty chic with his leather jacket combinated with sneakers and a beanie.


Each doll comes with two full outfits, one pair of shoes, one necklace, one pair of earrings, bracelets and a brush.


  • Cloe has three different looks in this collection.
  • These were a late add to the Fall 2015 line-up. The dolls hit shelve in early November worlwide.
  • The line is also known as "Metallic Dance Party" or "Anti-Party".

Stock Pictures

2-Pack Stock Pictures

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