Bratz the movie Meredith

Meredith annconcing whose invited to her party

Meredith is a rude, self-centered girl that was on Bratz the movie.


When Meredith first sees the girls, she automaticly hates them. She gets jealous of their style and how well Yasmin can sing. Throughout the film, she tries hard to ruin them...especially at her sweet 16 birthday party. She makes them dress up like clowns, but Sasha and Jade change the costumes and clown make up so they look fashionalbe.
Then, Meredith is the one embarressed, not the Bratz.

At the end of the movie, Meredith wins the talent show, again. But, the bratz got the schoolar ship to the college of their choice. When the credits come, Meredith is seen spying on the Bratz at a red carpet premere on 

Meredith's sweet 16

the roof with her dog, Paris, and her father.