Bratz Merchandise

2015 - Present 2013 - 2014
BW 2015present BW 20132014
The Bratz had their biggest makeover in Fall 2015 to introducing the them to todays kids. Their looks are inspired by Carter Bryants first artworks for the dolls.
In 2013 MGA released taller Bratz dolls to give them more of a Model look. After many complains towards the dolls, Bratz went on hiatus starting Fall 2014.

2010 - 2012 2005 - 2009
BW 20102012 BW 20052009
After MGA won the lawsuit against Mattel, they released Bratz in a all new and fresh look for Fall 2010. They went through a few makeovers in 2012 due to critical response.
Starting 2005 MGA tried to make Bratz a global brand, making the dolls the best selling toy in America. Because of the lawsuit against Mattel, this Era only lasted until 2009.

2001 - 2004
BW 20012004
The first Bratz launched in May 2001. The following years the brand turned into Barbie's biggest rival.

Bratz Spin Off's

Lil' Bratz Bratz Petz
BW Lil BW Petz
They came out shortly after the release of the original dolls and were targeted for the younger audience.
MGA released a number of plush animals. After a while they released Petz resembling the Spirital Animals.

Bratz Babyz Bratz Kidz
BW Babyz BW Kidz
The Babyz are suppose to resemble the Bratz when they were babies. They also had several Spin Off's.
After the Lil' Bratz discontinued, MGA released dolls that are suppose to resemble the Bratz in their tween days.

BW Bratzillaz
To compete with Mattel's Monster High dolls, MGA made a line of Witch dolls that are inspired by the Bratz girls.

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