Cymbeline Wings Lina

Cymbeline on the right gaining her wings

Name: Cymbeline Devlin

Age: 15-18 Auburn haur with dark red high lights and green eyes Black shirt with her wing style and colour on the front green fishnet shirt underneath Green flats Pants with wings and swirls Green and blue tutu/petticoat

She is first seen with her father Ittalano and 14 yr old Brat Hllant in their back of the Bratz gate. After cracking a few jokes Cymbeline ran off and upsets her sister Sonya. Her father just ignores it and asks what she wanted for her birthday and complaining. After arguing with her sister she goes in but later sneaks up and disappears --- as the movie trails on its shown That her family is actually Ronina Dansasha Barvieanna and that they are fighting against Lina (dark pixies leader and the Bratzes aunt)

Cymbeline loses her wings and almost her sister and friends

The family eventually wins the battle and its shown faintly that Cymbeline got her wings after rescuing her mother.