Burdine the terrible

The villain in action

Burdine Maxwell is the founder and editor of Your Thing magazine and the self-proclaimed reigning queen of fashion. She first appears in the movie Bratz Rock Angelz. Burdine makes many appearances in the Bratz television series and Bratz movies.


Burdine is a cunning, bossy and self-centred woman who only cares about achieving her goal in having a successful business, she has two assistants, Kirstee and Kaycee, (widely known as the Tweevils) whom constantly orders around and rely on.


Burdine has blonde hair tied up in a bun, blue eyes and a Caucasian skin tone. Her foremost outfit is a pink suit and a tiara. She also wears pink pumps with a white bow.


It is possible that she is based on Barbie the fashion doll from rival company Mattel, mainly because of the similarities between the two; blonde hair, blue eyes, love for the color pink and fashion, also the hatred towards Bratz magazine.

She has a twin sister Burdese Maxwell.

Her famous quotations are "Chop Chop!" and "Mother Of Pink!".