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Bratz Movie List (2004 - 2013) and Bratz Season 1 and 2 Episode List :  Edit

~Bratz: Starrin 'n Stylin

~Bratz: Rock Angelz

~Bratz: Genie Magic

~Bratz: Babyz The Movie

~Bratz: Forever Diamondz

~Bratz: Glitz 'N' Glamour [Interactive DVD] (2007)

~Bratz: Fashion Pixiez (2007)

~Bratz: Kids Sleep-Over Adventure (2007)

~Bratz: Rock'n Princess (2007) (It includes Bothered, Bewitched, Burdined, Survivor, To Catch A Thief,Cinderella Episodes)

~Bratz: Super Babyz (2007)

~Bratz: The Movie (2007)

~Bratz: Livin It Up With The Bratz [Interactive DVD] (2008)

~Bratz: Pet Show (2008) (It includes Pet Show, Truth Or Dare, Manicuring Candidate, It's Not About Me Week Episodes)

~Bratz: Kids Fairy Tales (2008)

~Bratz: Paris (2008) (This DVD is the same as Bratz: Go To Paris The Movie) (This includes New Kid In Town, Paris I/ Bratz In Playland Paris II/ Bratz In Franceland Paris III/ Bratz In England)

~Bratz: Girlz Really Rock (2008)

~Bratz: Lil Bratz Party Time [Interactive DVD] (2008)

~Bratz: Camping (2009) (It includes Trading Faces, Camping, Skeletons In The Closet, Jade's Dream Episodes)

~Bratz: Pampered Petz (2010)

~Bratz: Good Vibes (2011) (It includes Bratz VS Bratz, Inner Beauty Queens, A Sporting Chance and The Chronicles Os Karma)

~Bratz: BFF Best Friends Forever (2011) (Extremely Madeover, The Chloe Life, The Great Melting Pot and Bye Bye Burdine)

~Bratz: Genie Magic 2: Desert Jewelz (2012)

~Bratz: Babyz Save Christmas (2013)

~Bratz: Go To Paris The Movie (2013) (It's the same as Bratz Paris but only has Paris I/ Bratz In Playland 'Paris II/ Bratz In Franceland Paris III/ Bratz In England Episodes)

Bratz Season 1 Episode List: 

~Bratz Episode 1: Crush In A Rush (2005)

~Bratz Episode 2: Not So Hot For A Teacher (2005)

~Bratz Episode 3: Kiddnapped (2005)

~Bratz Episode 4: Sasha's Big Interview (2005)

~Bratz Episode 5: Slumber Party (2005)

~Bratz Episode 6: Truth Or Dare (2005)

~Bratz Episode 7: Manicuring Candidate (2005)

~Bratz Episode 8: It's Not About Me Week (2005)

~Bratz Episode 9: Trading Faces (2005)

~Bratz Episode 10: Camping (2005)

~Bratz Episode 11: Pet Show (2005)

~Bratz Episode 12: Bothered, Bewitched, Burdined (2005)

~Bratz Episode 13: Skeletons In The Closet (2005)

~Bratz Episode 14: Survivor (2006)

~Bratz Episode 15: To Catch A Thief (2006)

~Bratz Episode 16: Jade's Dream (2006)

~Bratz Episode 17: Cinderella (2006)

~Bratz Episode 18: Totally Recall (2006)

~Bratz Episode 19: New Kid In Town (2006)

~Bratz Episode 20: Paris I/ Bratz In Playland (2006)

~Bratz Episode 21: Paris II/ Bratz In Franceland (2006)

~Bratz Episode 22: Paris II/ Bratz In England (2006)

~Bratz Episode 23: Model Friends (2006)

Bratz Season 2 Episode List (There was no date releases for Season 2):

~Bratz Episode 1: Extremely Made-Over

~Bratz Episode 2: The Cloe Life

~Bratz Episode 3: The Bratz 500

~Bratz Episode 4: A Little Diss, A Little Dat

~Bratz Episode 5: A Sporting Chance

~Bratz Episode 6: Transparently Yours

~Bratz Episode 7: Miss Fortune

~Bratz Episode 8: Bratz Fail

~Bratz Episode 9: Bratz VS Bratz

~Bratz Episode 10: Inner Beauty Queen

~Bratz Episode 11: Alien Encounters

~Bratz Episode 12: Rescue Askew

~Bratz Episode 13: Bye-Bye Burdine

~Bratz Episode 14: The Great Melting Pot

~Bratz Episode 15: The Chronicals Of Karma

~Bratz Episode 16: The Life Of Byron

~Bratz Episode 17: Much Ado About Practically Nothing

For suggestions to add in the list, comment it down there and you'll be rewarded with a Bratz Pro-Tween FanReward. ( Pro means Proficient ) The name of the Bratz Pro-Tweens will be posted on the homepage of this website. The Galz will be rewarded IF they have an important and sensible suggestion. Goodluck galz!


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