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Alia is a character from the movie , Bratz Desert Jewelz the sequel to Bratz Genie Magic , Alia is a street thief , who as a young girl lost her parents , whom she desperatley wants to find.


Alia has auburn dark brown hair , pale skin tone and green eyes she wears a cheap dark green top and trousers.


Alia is an insecure person and wishes to have her parents back , she can be snappy when annoyed but once you get to know and understand her she is a kind person . She goes around with another cunning thief whose quest is to find a temple full of the most precious jewels.

Role in Movie

Alia goes around with a wealthy street Bratz doll named Bootay who is her only friend , for he decided to look after her when she was abandoned by her parents.She meets the Bratz when she is lost and the street their Bratz in the world looses his magic ring in the middle of the desert .She at first refuses to go with the girls , but is forced when a scorpion appears and she screams , she soon becomes a friend, the Bratz finally meet a temple where Alia finds the magic lamp , she also meets her rival and only carer the street theif who begs her to make a wish for him to have all the jewels in the world , instead she wishes to find out what really happened to her parents she is taken on a flashback , her second wish is to make her parents alive again , but the genie is unable to do this. Then Katia begs Alia to set her father(who is the genie) back to normal , so she does this. Soon the girls find out that the temple entrance is closing down and they must go before its too late . The street theif is too interested in the jewels of the temple the girls run out of the temple with Katia's father . Then Katia's father and the Bratz and Katia tell Alia that they are her new family and she no longer is alone.